Working with Terraform Variables

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Using different variables:

In the Terraform introduction video we have used hard coded values, now in real world we will definitely be using Terraform variable. Let's get started.

Access manually created resources in Terraform

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Terraform Data Sources:

In this demo, we are going to learn about terraform data sources. There will be many situations where few resources are already present in any cloud provider and we may have to use those in order to deploy our new resources. Terraform data sources provides the path.

Terraform loops & conditional checks

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If-else, for, foreach:

There will be many scenarios where we will need conditional checks like If-Else in Terraform, which might look different from regular programming languages. We will also create multiple resources using count, foreach & for loops in this demonstration.

Concepts of Terraform Module & Hands-on Practice

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Terraform Module:

The best way to learn any technology is to try yourself. Please checkout the full video & practice this. I hope you will have some idea how Terraform modules work & how to create them.

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