Introduction to Terraform Cloud

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Free Terraform Cloud:

Let's get started with Terraform Cloud by creating a free account. We will be also creating a GitHub account from scratch & will integrate them, so that, we can create pull requests (PR) and TF cloud will automatically show us the plan. Finally once we merge the PR, TF cloud will apply that. Check the full video for the hands-on.
Complete Terraform Playlist is here

Getting started with Terraform on GCP

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Guide from scratch:

In this demo, we are going to start Terraform for Google Cloud Platform from scratch. We will be using GCP service account for Authentication mechanism from Terraform. Watch the full video for more.

Getting started with Azure DevOps

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Let's get started:

All we need is an email address to get started with Azure DevOps for free. Going forwards we are going much deeper into DevOps concepts & Hands-on practices.
Create your account from here.
Check my full playlist from here.

More Hands-on videos

One on SAN and another on Azure Basics

Brocade Zoning concepts & hands-on practice

Getting started with Azure Service Principal & CLI authentication

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