RAID Group, Spare Drive & Primary LDEV creation on Hitachi Storage

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Configuration using Device Manager:

I have tried to cover the steps to assign hot-spare disks, creation of RAID Groups / Parity Groups & also created some Primary LDEVs. Finally started the Disk formatting.

Brocade SAN Zoning

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Zoning Guide:

In this video, we are going to learn the basics of Zoning and will be using Brocade GUI to perform a hands-on demonstration.
If you like to use the CLI for zoning check the link to my article.

Hitachi LUN allocation

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Using Storage Navigator:

This was my first video on YouTube & never had a thought to grow with it at that time. The audio quality was poor I know, but still the highest watched video on my channel & I am really thankful to viewers. 
Check my article here to get Host settings and Host Mode Options.

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