Getting started with Azure DevOps

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Let's start our journey:

Let's get our account ready on Azure DevOps & start our journey though automation, coding & DevOps.

Connect Azure DevOps to Azure Subscription

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Using Azure Service Connection:

We will use Azure Service Principal to create DevOps Service Connection with Azure Subscription. Then we will be automate pretty much anything.

Azure DevOps Variable, YAML Pipeline

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It will be a must:

The best way to write your pipeline is in YAML and we are also going to learn how to use Azure DevOps variables, variable groups along with that. It will be very important for modern DevOps practices. So, don't miss this, check the full video.

Azure DevOps Pipeline Stages, Jobs & Passing Values between Jobs

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Passing values between jobs is not challenging anymore:

We will be learning how to create pipeline stage, jobs in YAML. We will also look, how to pass values from one job / task to another. This is very useful & will be required in many many cases.

Deploying Self-Hosted Azure DevOps Agent

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Your own private agent:

In the secure and more controlled environments we would need to deploy our own self-hosted Azure DevOps agent. We can use our private VMs to host the Agent services. So, let's get started then...

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